Hey, I'm Nick Mendez.

the artist smiles in their studionew york chinatown

My family and I are from Flushing, Queens, NY

My dad was a New York Street Photographer, and a dark room technician

the artist as a child with his dadthe world trade center

He was very good at it.

a white and pink flower against a black backgroundbird lady

When he died, I inherited a Nikon F2, a Honda Civic LX, an unfulfilled dream and a severed identity

my grandmathe artist as a baby with his nana

I know my family would be very proud of everything I've learned and made.

I have a photo studio in SE Portland, Oregon.

my neighborhood

I love this city, and running a business here.

rose gardenspro wrestling match

I also love pro wrestling.
I did it for The Rock.

Stay safe out there, friend.

I love you Esther
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2632 SE 25th Ave Portland, OR 97202

ESB, DBE and MBE Certified No. 13911

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