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Nick Mendez

Community-driven media production since 2017. Third generation Puerto Rican American from Queens, New York. BA in Journalism from Northeastern University.

Experienced portrait, environmental, documentary and event photographer. I've produced short films, music videos, marketing materials and comedy reels.

White supremacy, misogyny and queer erasure may run the world but I am working everyday to lessen their impact on my life, creative process and relationships.

I've Been Capturing Images Professionally for 12+ Years

My practice is built on a foundation of documentary journalism and refined through years shooting street.

To date I've captured holiday parties, rock concerts, commercial real estate, nonprofit fundraisers, comedy shows, agricultural work, quinceañeras, friends in portrait, weddings, political demonstrations, high-rise offices, entrepreneurial events, practicing artists and notable chefs.

And been lucky enough to shoot on location in Los Angeles, Cairo, Guatemala City, Boston, Nashville, Las Vegas and Damascus, Syria to name a few.

It's extremely important to me that my subjects feel safe, powerful and respected throughout our session.

Clients include: Nike, Pok Pok, New Avenues for Youth, Simple, the OHSU Foundation, the Boston Globe, Cozy, the QDoc Film Festival, Pitch Oregon, the Portland Fruit Tree Project, Mae + Yonder, Ajinomoto Windsor Foods and Portland Monthly.

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Mendez Creative LLC Established 2017

My LLC provides community-driven media production services to clients on the west coast.

I use videography to engage my neighborhood, highlight restorative social work, champion small business owners, practice empathy through art, and support local nonprofits.

I've also produced independent short films including Lez Stand Up The Movie--starring Kirsten Kuppenbender, Laura Anne Whitley and Caitlin Weierhauser--the short comedy Check It Out, and the American anthology Boo: Endgame.

Clients include: CNN, Helium Comedy Club, Nitroheat, Lez Stand Up, SMYRC, the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, Women Who Code PDX, Maria Christina + Michael Lehman, Our Next Life and ASTRSK PR.

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Fine Art Prints

Developed and Printed in Portland, OR

My process is 100% artist-owned: shots are developed from my own collection or restored from my dad's, and I print them in my home studio using dye inks.

Each limited edition run of thirty prints is available in two standard sizes, 8x10 and 12x18 inches, and can be framed in gallery matte black or gold metal.

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Bad Futurist is a digital art and literature zine featuring original works of art, fiction, poetry and prose from a rotating cast of contributors.

Edited by myself and Nick Bachan
Designed by Nikki Clark

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Selected Exhibitions

at Guilder Cafe, 2393 NE Fremont | January 2019

in Bad Futurist | Issue 01 | October 2017

in read this when collected | August 2017

Change Lady
on All My Friends Read Poems | February 2016

JP Fest Flashes Indie Might, Neighborhood Hospitality
on Jamaica Plain Patch | September 2011

Video of the Zabbaleen
on CNN | February 10, 2011

Government, Camel Operators Grapple Over Giza
in The Boston Globe | August 2009

Show Review: M83 at the Middle East Downstairs
in Tastemakers Magazine | July 2008

Keeping the Faith
in The Huntington News | March 2008

Building Our City Upon A Hill
in The Eastlake Edge | February 2006

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