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I'm Nicolas Mendez.

A photographer and videographer living in SE Portland, Oregon. I got my first paid photo gig when I was 17 years old. My dad Joe was a New York street photographer and a darkroom tech.

I founded my LLC in 2017, and in 2020 I opened my studio at the corner of SE 25th and Clinton Ave.

My patrons and clients include: The Portland Housing Bureau, CNN, the Regional Arts & Culture Council, Helium Comedy Club, Nike, Travel Portland, the Oregon Health and Science University Foundation, the Willamette Week, the University of Oregon, New Avenues for Youth, SMYRC and Portland Monthly Magazine.

I work to prioritize the safety and empowerment of all my collaborators.

I am an ESB, MBE and DBE Certified Vendor with Oregon COBID, No. 13911.



"Nick’s combination of expertise, personable nature, and stellar communication makes working with him an absolute delight." - Min, Content Strategist

"His intuitive, creative approach to capturing images and stories really engages others in meaningful ways.  A true professional." - Angela, Marketing Manager

"Nick was phenomenal! I had an idea in mind and he totally delivered. He has wonderful vision and was super personable. He put me right at ease." - Marian, Author

Selected Exhibitions

MallRats at Family Photo Studio, October 2022

Moan and Wail
The Willamette Week, July 2022

My Bliss
Radius Art Studio, SE Belmont, June 2022

Raimore Construction Helps Build a More Equitable, Safe Portland
Portland.gov, January 2022

I'm Feeling a Loss
Guilder Cafe, NE Fremont, August 2020

Visual Chronicle of Portland, August 2020

Butter to Margarine

COVID Pictures Archive, May 2020

From These Hands at IRCO, November 2019

Guilder Cafe, NE Fremont, January 2019

LEU 495
Bad Futurist Issue 01, October 2017

read this when collected, August 2017

JP Fest Flashes Indie Might
Jamaica Plain Patch, September 2011

Video of the Zabbaleen
CNN, February 2011

Govt, Camel Operators Grapple Over Giza
The Boston Globe, August 2009

M83 at the Middle East Downstairs
Tastemakers Magazine, July 2008

Keeping the Faith
The Huntington News, March 2008

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